Your Craft Beer Copywriting Specialist

The craft beer industry is a crowded place these days. It’s not enough to just insert the words “craft beer” into some generic beverage sales template. You need a craft beer copywriting specialist.

I specialize in web copywriting for the craft beer industry. I love craft beer, and I love writing. Let me tell the world what makes your product great.

Whether you operate a brewery or sell supplies and equipment, give me a call! I’ll craft engaging content for your web site and social media. But, words alone aren’t enough. By focusing in 3 key areas, I’ll make sure you get noticed!

1. Help People Find You

Google and other search engines emphasize content over everything else to determine which results show first. Fresh, high-quality content will move your site up in the rankings. “Keyword stuffing” and “link farms” don’t work any more.

I can write web pages and articles that will improve your search standings. But. more importantly, it won’t look like it’s written for a machine. People will actually enjoy reading it!

2. Keep People Interested

If your web site is boring or confusing, your prospect will simply move on. If your last social media post was months ago, people will stop following. I can fill your web site and social media with current information that’s interesting and easy to understand. Keeping it fresh will have people coming back for more!

3. Generate New Leads

Get your prospects to contact you. Even if they’re not ready to fill out an order form yet.

When people go shopping on the web, they’re often looking for information as much as product. If your web site provides both, then you have their full attention. Helpful articles that solve common problems with your product are the best way to sell. A newsletter or blog will keep your name in front of them.

Ask me about creating a sales funnel that will keep your sales team busy.

Handcrafted Copywriting for Handcrafted Beer

You and your customers know the difference that handcrafted quality makes. Why not trust your craft beer copywriting to someone with the same philosophy? Click on the button below to see what services I offer. Or, you can read more about me on the About page.

I want to increases sales