Why I Love Craft Beer

profile picture of Thomas Damon the Craft Beer Copywriter

Everybody comes to craft beer with their own story.

A few years ago, I didn’t know what good beer tasted like. Like most people, I thought that the big commercial brands were it. Refreshing, to be sure, but not exciting. Then, something happened that changed my life forever.

I met a couple of guys at work that brewed their own beer. They made more than they could drink, and were giving out free 6-packs! They quickly became my new best friends. After “guesting” a couple brew sessions with them, I bought my own kit.

I’ll never forget the first swallow of beer crafted by my own hands. It wasn’t anything fancy: a simple Porter made with dark LME, specialty grains, and Chinook hops. But to me, it tasted like nectar from the gods.

The brewing hobby opened my eyes to the exceptional taste of fine ingredients combined by skilled craftsmen. It revealed a whole new world where flavor matters more than anything. The “big beer” brands just don’t cut it any more.

Writing is the same way. I combine my love of craft beer with skillfully chosen words. The result is content that your customers will want to read.

Don’t settle for generic marketing that caters to the lowest common denominator. You (and your customers) are better than that.

Whether you operate your own brewery, sell brewing supplies, or provide brewery services, let me tell your story. I’ll transform it into a powerful marketing message that will convert browsers into customers.

I want to tell my story