Site Audits

The surest way to lose prospective customers is to have an unusable web site. Broken links, confusing navigation, and poor content will have them clicking away within seconds. Missing or hidden contact information makes it difficult for them to engage with you.

A professional site audit is the best way to flush out problems. I’ll check every link and every page. I’ll make certain that your navigation works properly and logically. I’ll also review the content to make sure that it advances your marketing goals. Then, I’ll provide a detailed report on my findings.

Limited time offer: Free Site Evaluation

Ask me about a free web site evaluation. I’ll do a quick five-point audit and tell you what I find, good or bad. I’ll also let you know how I can help make your web site even better.

Web Content

Your web site doesn’t need to read like a sales brochure! People seek out web sites for two reasons: information and entertainment. If you provide both, people will stick around for more.

I can make your web site as exciting as the craft beer industry itself. Once we have your prospect’s attention, we encourage them to take the next step: contact you!

Social Media

These days, most companies are expected to have a social media presence. But, you need to keep it fresh. If your last post was 2 months ago, nobody will want to stick around. Ask me about exciting social media posts that encourage interaction.

Blog / Newsletters

Blogs and newsletters contain short articles on current topics. Blogs are typically published on your web site, while newsletters are mailed directly to your prospect. In fact, many newsletters are really nothing but links to one or more blog posts.

I’ll write interesting content that will have your prospects looking forward to the next edition. You can tell them about your latest products and success stories. Then, your sales team can go to work!

Case Studies

A good case study tells a success story. It begins with an unmet need, and ends by filling that need with your product. Like any good story, it has a hero (you) and a happy ending. It shows that you’re trustworthy, and a good partner.

Let me tell your prospective customers about your achievements.

White Papers

A white paper examines a specific topic in detail. It educates your prospects and helps them make an informed decision. They’re often used as giveaways in exchange for the prospects contact information. It’s a great way to generate new sales leads.

Although a white paper isn’t really a sales brochure, it can certainly feature your product. The goal is to provide enough information that it’ll be shared widely. Anybody who sees it gets a quick introduction to your product as well.

I can create white papers that align your products with current industry trends.

I’d like to work with you